I believe we can change the world if we view our artwork as political. I am a dancer, choreographer, performance artist, dance educator, activist, community organizer, and my work is an intersection of creative practice for survival, performance as ritual, and dynamic community building. Through dance I participate in the world. With each dance/ project/ experience I add to the messy beauty and my evolving understanding of this world. I believe the creation of performance art is an essential act of social change, and I make work in collaboration with others to seek new ways of envisioning time and space.  When I dance I get lost in my own wholeness.  I dance to surrender to the unknown. I dance to create chaos. I dance to heal myself.  I dance to radicalize myself against systems of oppression.  I dance to challenge capitalism. I dance for vitality: flesh, bones, organs, and fluids. I dance to be sexy. I dance to perform my gender expressions. I dance for release and for control. I dance through grief. I dance in celebration. I dance with my imagination. I dance to trace and record my constant transformation.

I am a founder and co-director of the Oakland-based dance collective Stranger Lover Dreamer. My choreography and performance installations have been seen at Counterpulse, ODC Theater, Dance Mission Theater, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, The Garage, Studio 210, Ashby Stage, The Flightdeck, LeFevre Theater, Temescal Arts Center, as well as open spaces and unexpected corners. I currently dance for Rogelio Lopez and Dancers, Davalos Dance and for my collective Stranger Lover Dreamer. As a dancer, I have created and performed works with Anne Bluethenthal and Dancers, Liss Fain Dance, Paufve Dance, Agora Dance Project, Dance Ceres, Tyler Eash and Deborah Slater Dance Theater.  I currently teach at Saint Mary’s College, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center and ACE Dance Academy, and Bay Area Girls Rock Camp.

I am using this website as a platform to present my work, study, and collaborations in dance with agency.